Bad times…

Hi Dad,

I’m having some bad times right now. I feel so useless, powerless and it makes me so pissed off. Yesteday,  I was looking at this picture I took a few years ago with you before you died, and I said to myself : « what the hell am I doing here? what am I looking for ?  am I missing something ? Who’s taking care of Mum and kids ? »  All I ever wanted to do was make you proud of me. I tried to assure you not to worry about me and so you keep thinking that I’m happy here. But it’s not true. Dad, am I wrong?

As Em Said, Nobody asked for life to deal us. With these bullshit hands we’re dealt. We have to take these cards ourselves and flip them, without expecting no help.

So, I need something to pull me out this dump. Take this situation in which I’m placed in and get up and get my own. I have to do something…



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